Introduction To Wellness Uprising

by Rob Pell

One of my dreams is for people everywhere to empower themselves through holistic health education, so they can avoid being dependent on the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) dominated drug delivery system for primary healthcare. That is the reason I wrote this book.


 During a health crisis you don't need a PhD, but you will need to know as much about your own health and wellness as your doctor knows about drugs and disease. That way, even if you choose to visit a doctor, you will know enough to be able to ask him good questions. Good questions should lead to better answers. Better answers should generate more confidence and more confidence will make it more likely his recommendations will be effective. It can be win-win-win. Nonetheless, learning when it's appropriate to say "No" to your doctor can be a lifesaving skill.


 Anyone who has been in my natural food store knows I often speak with authority about many health-related subjects. The ultimate source of my authority goes far beyond my individual studies, it's rooted in the real-world, personal health stories thousands of our customers generously share. I do my best not to jump to hasty conclusions. However, when I'm told dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of very similar stories that effectively confirm each other, I'm comfortable repeating them so we can all benefit from each others' experiences. Ultimately, if a product in my store sits on the shelf collecting dust, it's either overpriced or it doesn't work. If a product flies off the shelf, month after month, year after year, the customers have spoken - loud and clear - the product works! The free-market often has a way of making things crystal clear.


 “Universal Healthcare" usually refers to a system that provides healthcare and financial protection to all citizens. It is organized around providing a specified package of benefits to all members of a society with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improved access to health services, and improved health outcomes.


In fact, using your body in the way it was designed is the best way to pay the "premium" for true, universal healthcare. Virtually all members of society have this option available. The pages of this book are dedicated to the thesis that every living organism on this planet had the ability to enjoy perfect health - long before Monsanto (GMOs), DuPont (better living through chemistry) or drug giants like AstraZeneca, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer and others lobbied (paid) their way into the controls of government regulating agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


 The chapters of this book will in many cases provide the information you need to make good health decisions. In other cases, it may help you to ask your doctor better questions. I believe the title of the first chapter says a lot: The "Latest" Health Secrets Have Been Around For Thousands Of Years. Taking careful note of what health and wellness strategies have proven successful for centuries, can help you become your own health expert.

Rob Pell has committed over 35 years of his life to helping people increase their knowledge and use of natural foods, products, remedies, exercise, and healing. Dr. B.K. Frantzis, certified him as an instructor in time-tested, healing movement arts of tai chi and chi gung. The award-winning Boston area natural foods resaurant, Five Seasons, which he co-founded was featured on CNN, CBS, and the Food Network. Along with his wife, Kate, he currently owns and operates Sunsine Natural Foods in Grants Pass, Oregon and is a health and wellness columnist for online and print media.

Thousands of our customers say that my newspaper health columns and store newsletters help them make better, easier, more informed health decisions. Unbiased, accurate health information can make our lives easier.


 In the first decade of raising our four children, my wife and I made only three trips to an MD for help with the kids. The first time was when one young daughter got into my wife's sewing supplies and managed to get a small button caught in her ear. We couldn't get it out and went to the doctor to remove it. The second time, another daughter got an uncooked navy bean caught up her nose and we went again for help with removal. The last visit was to the same doctor to remove a large, painful splinter. We used no drugs, no hospital delivery rooms, no well baby visits, no vaccines, no antibiotics, and had nearly no medical expenses. In the next 16 years, before our youngest left the nest, we visited MDs with the kids only two more times. Those were for X-rays and treatment of relatively minor sports injuries.


Common sense (maybe not so common anymore), honest effort, some smarts, and a little luck were enough to raise a healthy family.


Rob Pell

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