Reasons To Read Wellness Uprising

“Wellness Uprising Is A Compelling Book For Our Times”

- Janet Levatin, MD


Every year in the United States doctors write over four billion prescriptions for toxic medications; that's 13 for every man, woman, and child. Many have such a long, almost laughable, list of possible side effects, "including death," that it behooves sane people to wonder if there is not a better approach to healthcare.


Every page of Wellness Uprising delivers long-term, drug-free, health solutions based on time-tested wisdom - a far better approach.



Wellness Uprising Reveals the Secret of How to Easily Avoid the Nation's #1 Killer and Also Provides Healthy Solutions to Many of Today's Most Common Health Challenges:


  • high cholesterol
  • the silent killer - high blood pressure
  • cancer
  • osteoporosis
  • relieving stress and preventing burnout
  • insomnia
  • plus a lot more


The solutions offered function within the framework of the wisdom that has kept humans alive and healthy since the beginning of time. This will help you understand why so many of today's so-called medical “advances” often fall short, or may even cause you great harm.


The Internet, Magazines, and Doctors Often Tell Us What Supposedly Works. Over the Last Two Decades, Thousands of My Customers Have Told Me What Really Works!


After the initial media fanfare, if a product sits on a store shelf collecting dust, it's safe to conclude that the product is either overpriced or it doesn't work. If a product flies off the shelf, month after month, year after year, with lots of repeat sales, the customers have spoken - loud and clear - the product works! People (myself included) can be sold anything once, but my customers are too smart to repeatedly purchase products that fail to deliver.


This book delivers - pertinent information from my personal studies, but more importantly  the accumulated wisdom thousands of my customers have generously shared over the last two decades. Further, it references studies and opinions of dozens of well-respected, naturally oriented physicians and scientists about safe, cost-effective solutions that work to keep you healthy.


For the specific solutions, hope, and the limitless possibilities represented, the final chapter titled “Natural Healing Success Stories” is alone worth the price of the entire book.

Wellness Uprising Will Teach You How To Stay Safe, It Delivers the Truth About:


Using Cell Phones Safely - Simple steps you can take to reduce cancer-causing risks


Food Production - It will help you understand myriad benefits of traditional organic farming methods that place trust in strong, healthy, fertile soil. In contrast, GMO farming methods put faith in bio-tech scientists working in laboratories developing patented methods to artificially control food production.


Choosing Non-toxic Cookware and Safe Household Cleaning Products - Easy ways to ensure your home is safe. This is where you spend the most time; it's important to get this right!


Vaccines - Current American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations state that children should receive 35 vaccine doses by the age of 15 months, 49 doses by the age of six, and 69 doses by the age of 18! But are kids in America today any healthier than kids were back in the 60s? Definitely not! Wellness Uprising logically addresses the questions: what are the proven, likely, or possible benefits of vaccines compared with the proven, likely, or possible risks? What steps you can take to improve immunity for yourself and your children, with or without vaccines.


Treating The Carcinogens In Your Drinking and Bathing Water - You can live for months without food but only days without water. Learn why it's important to get this right.


Selecting Truly Natural Pet Foods - Just like for their human owners, clean, high quality food plays a critical role in pet health. This can save thousands of dollars in vet bills.


Plus... a lot more about today's most critical health concerns!

If Hippocrates - the “Father of Modern Medicine”

Were Alive Today, He Would Certainly Give Wellness Uprising His “Seal of Approval.”

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