1.  The “Latest” Health Secrets Have Been Around For Thousands Of Years

 Beware Of Big Pharma's Patented “Improvements” To Nature


2.  The Nation's #1 Killer Is Easily Avoided

 Learning To Say "No" To Your Doctor, Can Be A Life-Saving Skill


3.  Healthy Alternatives To The Mainstream Medical System

 The Seven Levels Of Healing


4.  Organic Farming Is The Only Smart Choice

 Healthy Strong Crops Lead To Healthy Strong People


5.  GMOs: Profits Over Health Is Monsanto's Farming Model

 Roundup The Usual Suspects


6.  Building And Maintaining Healthy Bones

 Slick Ad Campaigns For Dairy Products Build Strong Sales, Not Strong Bones


7.  Saturated Fats Are Very Good For You

    Bring Back The Butter


8.  Straight Talk About Cholesterol, Statin Drugs And Heart Disease

 Drug Company Misinformation Ensures Profits Not Health


9.  Staying Fit Without The Gym

 Save Time And Money By Exercising Common Sense Along With Your Body


10.  Avoiding The Silent Killer

  Healthy Alternatives to Prescription Blood Pressure Medications


11.  Artificial Sweeteners Are A Genuine Health Threat

     FDA Approves The Toxic And Bans The Safe


12.  Managing Stress

  How To Relieve Stress and Prevent Adrenal Burnout


13.  Sleep Should Be Simple, Safe And Sound

  Keep Big Pharma Out Of Your Bedroom And It Will Be


14.  Further Study Of Prescription Antidepressants Is Needed Now

  Safe, Effective, Natural Alternatives Are Available


15.  Being An "Indoor Environmentalist'

  Clean Doesn't Have A Smell


16.  Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Tap Water

  Ensure Your Drinking And Bathing Water Is Safe


17.  The Truth About Non-Stick Cookware

  Don't Be The Canary In Your Own Coal Mine


18.  Frequent Cell Phone Use Can Be Bad For Your Health

  So Far, "Cigarette-Science" Claims Cell Phones Are Perfectly Safe


19.  Sunshine Is Really Good

  It's The Artificial Sunscreen That's Killing You


20.  Cancer Patients Have Many New Options

  Integrative Medicine Treats Patients As Individuals


21.  Natural Dietary Supplements Are Superior To Synthetic

  Don't Be Misled By Research Controlled By Big Pharma And Mainstream Medicine


22.  Winning The Cold War

  “Know The Enemy And Know Yourself”


23.  Natural Birthing And Baby Care

  My Kids Were Born At A Crime Scene


24.  Vaccines: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You

  Extensive Misinformation Abounds


25.  The Missing Link In The Immune System

  Learn How Probiotics Help Keep You Healthy


26.  Healthy Pets Help Make Happy Families

  The Shocking Truth About Pet foods


27.  Why The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Misses The Mark

  How To Fix A Fundamentally Flawed Healthcare System


28.  Conclusion: Critical Thinking Is Your Best Medicine

  Making Good Decisions Is Nature's Universal Healthcare Plan


29.  Natural Healing Success Stories

  "The Hippocrates Seal Of Approval”

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