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This review is from: Wellness Uprising (Paperback)


Wow. The best book on alternative healthcare choices I've ever read. A clear, well written, humorous, common sense approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nothing mystical or religious, just incredibly simple everyday suggestions anyone can incorporate.

I've been following Rob's suggestions for only the last few weeks, and already feel better and have more energy than I have in decades. I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in taking control of their own health. I am going to give a copy to each of my kids for Christmas. I wish I'd had this book this years ago!

– Zoe Baptista, Boston Ma.



This review is from: Wellness Uprising (Paperback)


The common-sense awareness in Mr. Pell’s Wellness Uprising will be helpful to anyone who needs both a quick reference guide and a go-to resource for research into the more complex topics of like prescription medications and routine vaccinations.

This is a health and wellness guide with helpful logic and seemingly well-researched data. There exists a plethora of misinformation and confusing advice from traditional healthcare venues that are increasingly motivated by a reward system put in place by pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers.

I can see myself referring back to Wellness Uprising for assistance and reminders in the future. The author includes helpful tips, common and uncommon sense, and a witty communication style that helps one to grasp each concept, even those not previously approached with direct regard to personal health such as indoor air pollutants and other environmental concerns. Thank you for the variety of topics and for sharing your wisdom.

– A.K. Dawson, Eugene Ore.



This review is from: Wellness Uprising (Paperback)


Good health is ours for the taking...


With his personal integrity and professional qualifications and reputation unblemished, the author provides a perfectly accessible, positive outline for a healthy lifestyle and longevity. The book demonstrates that a long and healthy life doesn't require a boot camp style lifestyle change nor a flaky dropping out of contemporary society. Good health is ours for the taking and Wellness Uprising shows us how easy it is to take it.

– Walter Philips, Chicago Il.



This review is from: Wellness Uprising (Paperback)


I love it! Finally, a clear, concise guide toward the best health you can achieve on your own

– Jean Blevins, Grants Pass Ore.

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