“Wellness Uprising” Is The Ideal Gift For Someone You Care About

“No matter how much someone knows about health and wellness, they will know more after reading this book. With increasing numbers of people suffering from chronic illnesses that are largely preventable, those seeking a healthier path need a guide that is both informative and practical to help them achieve and maintain the vibrant health that should be everyone’s birthright. Wellness Uprising contains a wealth of information on numerous topics.”


- Janet Levatin, MD

This book was written to answer a broad array of health questions for the increasing number of Americans who have a strong sense that “something just ain't right” with the US healthcare system. Wellness Uprising spells out what's wrong and what to do to make things right.


It has finally become obvious to most people that daily reliance on toxic drugs is in most cases very damaging to people's long-term well-being. Wellness Uprising provides the facts people need to have confidence choosing safe, healthy, and natural alternatives.

Giving “Wellness Uprising” As A Gift, Is One Of The Best and Easiest Actions You Can Take To Help Improve The Health Of The People You Care About.

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